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Fuzion Digital Media is a full-service digital advertising technology company.

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Mobile Conquesting

Using location based, demographic, and behavioral targeting to reach consumers with display and video ads on their mobile devices.

Geographic Location

Behavioral Targeting

Targeting people who have shown specific behaviors or are in a certain demographic.

Location & Brand Targeting

Targeting people who have recently been to a location, business, event or specific brand store.

Choose a geographic area (ex: city, zips, 20 mile radius around location) and we layer in targeting categories.

Fuzion Digital Media

Products & Services

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Weather Trigger

A campaign can be set to run only if a certain weather condition is present.  You tell us what weather trigger to use.

" We specialize in advertising and marketing solutions by utilizing a multi-platform approach which includes, Targeted Display Ads (Behavioral, Keyword, Ad Networks), Geo-Targeting, Video Ads, Retargeting, PPC, SEO and Reputation Management, Facebook and Instagram, Mobile Conquesting, Native Advertising, Household IP Targeting and Live Chat "

Video Targeting & Production 

Targeting people with video ads when they are online, across all devices. Video Production services are available.


How Can Your Video Ad Be Used Online?

National Average Of Viewers Who Watch 100% Of A Pre-Roll Ad is 70%.  

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We can run :15 or :30 video PRE-ROLL ads (the ads that play before the content begins) across these products:

Video Ad Networks

Showing your video ads on groups of websites targeted to the type of audience you want to reach, on all devices.

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Behavioral Targeting

Showing your video ads to specific consumers based on their previous on-line behavior, across all devices.


Is when we target people who HAVE BEEN to a location you specify (i.e. a competitor’s location, an event, etc.) and serve them the client’s ads. 

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Showing your video ads on webpages that contain keywords related to your business, across all devices.

Keyword Targeting

Household IP Targeting

Matching IP addresses to your list of names and street addresses and showing your display or video ad only to those people, across all devices.

With video pre-roll ads you are only charged if at least 25% of the ad is viewed.

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SEO Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization is the practice of improving and promoting a website to increase the number of visitors the site receives from search engines.

On-Page SEO

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Off-Page SEO

• Search Engine Submission

• Directories Submissions

" We are ready to help you get found online".

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• Title, Meta, Alt Tags

• URL Structure

• Relevant Keywords

• Site Map, Popularity, Speed

• Error Messages

• Freshness Of Content


Reputation Management

A “listening tool” for your business

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Our online reputation management platform allows you to see what is being said about your business all from one software program.

It also can be used to solicit reviews from an email list of your clients.

We can even place a review “widget” on your website to ask for reviews and display them!

Facebook & Instagram Ads

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Types Of Ads We Can Run (Display Or Video):

Targeting people across all devices on Facebook and Instagram with your display or video ads, in people’s News Feed and on Facebook Audience Network, Messenger and Marketplace.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • ​Carousel Ads - Showcase up to 10 images or videos (or combination of the two) within a single ad unit, each panel links to any of your website pages.

  • Collection Ads - With Facebook “Collection Ads” people who tap on your ad can browse multiple products all within a fast-loading experience on their mobile phone.

  • Job Listing Ads - The job applicant clicks on the APPLY NOW button and it takes them to your Facebook Jobs Page where they can apply right on Facebook and the form is sent to you!

  • Event Response - We can create an Event Response ad and it links to an Event Page on your Facebook Business Page (not your website)

  • Branded Content Ads - Ads that look like a post from our Facebook page that feature your business.

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Facebook Messenger Ads


“Messenger” is Facebook’s mobile instant messaging app and ads appear between text conversations.

Uses the same creative that is running for your Facebook News Feed campaign.

Facebook Messenger ads are mobile display only (no video) and can be single image or carousel. Thousands of targeting categories available.

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Native Display Ads

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Live Chat 


Native Display Ads go across all devices and match the look, feel and visual context of the website or app where they are seen. 

Why are Native Ads so popular?

They get higher click through rates and aren’t typically blocked by ad blocking software.

Your ads could be any of hundreds of formats depending on the device and website or app where it appears. 

It’s created in real time to match the format of where it is appearing.

Native Ads make up more than 50% of digital display spending

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Live Chat Get more leads by engaging your prospects with a chat box and text-to-chat on your website.

Your ads could be any of hundreds of formats depending on the device and website or app where it appears. 

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Household IP Targeting

Live agents available to engage with potential customers 24/7!

Website visitors are presented with an invitation chat box.  On mobile they are also presented with a texting option.


Trained agents with knowledge of your company get lead information.


New leads are emailed to you in real time, with the full transcription of the chat or text conversation.

You’re only charged for the lead if the visitor’s name, contact information, and what the visitor is looking for, is gathered, and the person is within your target geographic area.

Household IP Targeting  is Direct mail for the internet.

Matching IP addresses to your list of names and street addresses and showing your display or video ad only to those people, across all devices. 

Why Household IP Targeting Is More Effective Than Direct Mail.

The problem with Direct Mail is:


  • Poor frequency (one time shot)


  • Expensive to create and print


  • Expensive to mail


  • Easy to miss


  • Hard to track 

Event Targeting

Instead of reaching a household ONE time with Direct Mail 

You could reach a household 25-50 times a month with IP Targeting!

4 Ways To Target People At Events With Digital Ads:


Facebook or Instagram News Feed Ads:

Targets people as they are sharing info at an event. This is good for photo driven and social events like concerts, auto shows, festivals, nightclubs, and more.

IP Targeting Ads:

This is better for work conventions where people are logged onto WiFi, or for targeting hotels around conventions.


Geo-Fencing & Geo-Retargeting Ads with Mobile Conquesting:

Target people while at an event AND follow those people after the event and deliver them ads on all devices.


Missed an event and want to go back in time to target those people? We can do that.

Monthly Reporting

Our Reports Show You Return On Your Investment!


How many times your ad was served.


How many people clicked on your ad.

View Throughs:

How many people that see your ad and don't click but still go to your website.

Publisher Performance:

What websites that serve your ad are performing best.

Creative Performance:

Which one of your ads that are getting the most engagement.

Product Performance:

How is each product performing.

Mobile - Desktop - Tablet:

Which device are people using when they see your ads.


What the viewer of your ad do after they came to your website.

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